Corporate Events Management and Consultancy

Corporate Events - Consultancy

We help you create significant value in your events through creating a tailor-made, strategic and clear-cut event design, which if implemented to the core, will help you yield the best results out of every event.

Our main aim is to help you maximize on the impact, effectiveness and ultimately, your return on investment through an increase in brand awareness and engagements/ sales. This can only come as a result of a well-targeted and managed event.

The Core Areas of focus include:

  • Creating the event’s architecture
  • Logistical management methodology
  • Event execution tenets
  • Event health-checks
  • Post Event Analysis and Reconciliation approach

Corporate Events – Management

Sylmax Consult is ideally placed to help your organisation solve your next brand marketing or events challenge, and ultimately drive success and increase revenue for your business.

Every venture we undertake is excellently executed with utmost uniqueness, and with great focus on the target market.

We specialize in, but not limited to:

  • Product Launches & Promotions
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Road shows
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibitions & Expos
  • Award Ceremonies & Galas
  • Seminars/ workshops/ Conferences

We also offer:

  • Delegate Invitations, Registration and Management
  • Travel Bookings (Flight schedules, accommodation, tours etc.)
  • On-Site Logistics and Support