What We Do

Sylmax Consult is a leading Customer Experience and Employee Engagement consulting and training firm.

We help companies and businesses build customer loyalty by engaging the hearts and minds of their employees, customers and partners through our intensive consultative and interactive training services. The purpose of any business is to create wealth and increase shareholder value, and this can only be achieved through wooing and keeping your customers happy. It’s all about the customer/ consumer. They are the life-line of any business. The math is simple:

Happy Customer =
Great revenue, repeat business, customer loyalty, recommendations (customers turned marketers), brand excellence, great reputation, business success
Unhappy customer =
Loss of customers, negative reviews, damaged reputation, zero referrals, Zero/ low revenue business failure

Keeping a customer happy is not easy. Therefore, rather than layering on cosmetic changes, we go further to help companies embed customer-centric practices within their culture and operating processes. We equip your workforce/ employees with the best skills-set that will enable them cater to your customers professionally, effectively & most importantly, excellently. A happy customer is a result of a well-trained and engaged employee.

Let us help your company/business become a ‘customer experience leader’ today and see your revenues soar to great heights. We serve a broad mix of Private, Public, and Social-sector Organizations.

Statistical Proof:

According to Temking Research:

  • 39% of consumers decrease their spending with a company after one single bad experience.
  • 17% of consumers stop spending all together

It gets worse with the current age we are in of social media. Customers are quickly sharing both their bad and good experiences. And this directly affects business success. Customers that have a great experience with companies are;

  • 9 times more likely to recommend
  • 8 times more likely to trust
  • 7 times more likely to forgive their mistakes
  • 7 times more likely to buy again from them
  • 7 times more likely to try their new offerings

The secret is simple; successful companies capitalize on improving their customer experience. Even a modest improvement can generate a major increase in revenue.